Florence Senior Community Center | Florence Colorado


Florence Senior Community Center

A non-profit organization
of wonderful people over 50
serving seniors (and not-yet-seniors)
of Florence, Colorado
and surrounding communities
since 1979


Florence Senior Community Center
100 Railroad Street
P.O. Box 300
Florence, Colorado 81226

Phone number at the Center: 719­-784­-6493


The Florence Senior Community Center is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, founded in 1979, to improve the quality of life for seniors in Fremont County and surrounding areas by providing nutritious meals three times each week, including Meals-on-Wheels, and a safe familiar gathering place for social, charitable, recreational, cultural, educational and health related activities.

We also provide a meeting place for other local non-profit organizations that have no “home” of their own. We serve the entire community by opening all of our programs to both members and non-members of any age, nationality, color, race, creed, disability or economic standing.


Our doors are open to everyone. You don’t have to be a member ~ or even a senior ~ to enjoy our many programs.

All persons in our community and surrounding areas are welcome to all our programs. Our oldest member is 95 years old! There’s something here for every age group.


About three decades ago, the City of Florence in Fremont County, Colorado acquired the Denver & Rio Grande Depot Building from the Rio Grande Railroad Company.


In 1979, the elected Florence City officials invited the seniors of Florence to begin a senior center here. Within a few months, UAACOG helped to renovate the kitchen and our membership began a year-round Hot Meals Program at the Center three times each week. Soon after, a Meals-on-Wheels Program was added to serve the sick and house-bound of our community.

We have remained in this location all these years. In 2009, we purchased this building, making it our permanent home. Different programs have come and gone to accommodate the interest and talents of the membership at the time. However certain activities, especially the hot meals and music programs, have always remained consistently popular with our membership and community at large.

The Florence Senior Community Center remains a place where seniors (and not-yet-seniors) can meet for companionship, support, games, music, exercise, health and wellness activities, volunteer and leadership opportunities and much more.


The FSCC mainly serves the seniors of Florence, Colorado, but we have several members who come from Pueblo, Pueblo West, Penrose, Canon City, Coal Creek, Williamsburg, Brookside, Rye and Cotopaxi.

At the present time we have 143 voting members. Our Center is also used by the families, friends and neighbors of our members who come to enjoy the programs with us. Newcomers to our town make friends quickly by joining our group.

In addition, family members who live at great distances from our seniors benefit from knowing that their elderly loved ones have a local senior community that can help alleviate the loneliness which come with growing old and living apart.

This wide-spread, diversified use of this building enlarges the population we serve to hundreds of people of all ages every month who benefit from our activities and facility.


We’re proud that we’ve been able to keep our Senior Center doors open through thick-and-thin for 37 years. Our meals programs have contributed immeasurably to the health and well-being of thousands of people over the years. Countless lasting friendships have been formed at our Center and innumerable lonely hours were completely avoided because our Center has always been a place where seniors can come and find warmth and companionship.

We’re proud of the number of volunteer hours our members contribute to their Center and the community. Our members volunteer an average of 300 hours per week (300 x 52 = 15,600/hours per year). Without this hearty volunteer spirit, the Center would not run as smoothly and efficiently as it does.

Recently we’ve had reason to be proud of the renovations we’re made to the Center. Visitors who have not been to the Center in years comment on the wonderful improvements they see.

In 2011, we installed a handicapped bathroom, which is very much appreciated by our wheelchair-bound members and guests. We have the Daniels Fund to thank for helping us with this project!


Project 1:
We now need to renovate the kitchen we use to prepare the meals for our Hot Meals Program and Wheels-on-Wheels. It’s been over a decade since we have paid attention to upgrading the kitchen — and it’s way overdue. We are starting with the pantry. You can visit our Pantry Project Page.

Project 2:
Unfortunately, the roof needs works, too.

Project 3:
The flooring in some of the rooms needs replacing.

Project 4:
Then the insulation needs to be upgraded. Becoming more energy efficient is a high priority for us since utility costs are so high.


Here is a list of the regular programs that benefit both members and non-members in Florence and surrounding towns:

flo-program chart

As you can see from our program participation chart above, we have extensive community involvement. All our programs are open to the public. The Congregate Meals and the Meals-On-Wheels programs are part of our community outreach. The discount meals provide a place where any senior can receive a hot meal at a very low price while eating in the company of 50 to 70 other people. The nutritious meals, prepared by UAACOG, improves the health and sense of well-being that would otherwise be lost by those who live alone and often don’t bother to prepare well balanced meals just for themselves.

The weekly Pot Luck meals allow participants to show off their cooking skills while bringing benefit to both friends and strangers.

Other health related activities is our free Blood Pressure Clinic and various educational classes on how to deal with diabetes and other diseases.


Music is a central part of the activities at the Center. We provide several opportunities every week for people of all ages to sing, play and dance; Karaoke, and Friday Night Jam Sessions. This allows seniors to bring family and friends to participate fully in activities that are uplifting to everyone.

For creativity, we have a Flying Fingers Stitchery Club, which the ladies like. Texas Hold’em nights (played with chips, not money) really appeal to the men.

Games days are especially fun for seniors who want to spend enjoyable time with their grandchildren. This also gives the children the opportunity to meet and interact with a variety of senior citizens, getting and giving attention in a safe play environment.

Other organizations that use our building are AA, Al Anon, and the SA Dancers.



Fundraisers are an important part of our activities. Here are some of the silent auction items that are presented throughout the year.

We rent out our building for use by residents and businesses in the community for their private activities, meetings and parties. Since our Dining Hall seats 85 people and our Founders Room seats another 40, these rooms are often used for birthday and anniversary parties and other special events. Other fundraisers include silent auctions, craft shows, selling concessions in the park, yard sales, bake sales, bowling fundraisers, raffles, cook book sales, and the like.

Everyone is welcome at every function. However, we suggest you call the Center to verify days and times.

As you can see from our many programs, our greatest accomplishment has been to continue faithfully throughout the decades. We’ve worked together to provide a safe place to gather, meeting each other’s needs for companionship and support. In spite of many difficulties, we’ve successfully maintained and improved a wide variety of enjoyable programs for our growing membership and their guests.


Friday Night
Jam Session
All Ages


birthday-1 - Copy

We strongly encourage volunteerism. There are about 300 volunteer hours given each week to our Center. That comes to about 15,600 volunteer hour donated annually.




Cheryl and Larry Dial from Penrose are our January COG volunteers of the month




  1. City of Florence
    The City shared expenses on parking striping and we provide a meeting room for the city’s “Coffee Chats”.
  2. Florence Chamber of Commerce
    The Chamber promotes our events and we support the Chamber through membership.
  3. Canon Chamber of Commerce
    The Chamber promotes our events and we promote Canon events.
  4. Florence Rotary
    We provide them a meeting room.
  5. Farmer’s Market (Joanne Mohr)
    The Center was given booth space. (A $25 value)
  6. Fremont County Heritage Commission (Millie Wintz)
    The Commission promoted our Chili Cook-Off fundraiser and we promoted the commission’s Fall events.
  7. Florence Community Project Office (Susan Frushour)
    The FCPO donated 100 feet of LED lights for the front of our Building and we gave a “Letter of Support” toward a planning grant.
  8. Bell Tour (Art Council)
    We promoted events for each other.
  9. Golden Age Center
    We promote events for each other.
  10. Penrose Senior Club
    We promote events for each other.
  11. Star Point, Canon City
    They provide volunteers to help in cleaning.
  12. Senior Mini-College
    We support and promote their programs.
  13. Eastern Fremont City Coalition League (EFCCL)
    We support each other’s endeavors.
  14. Adopting Community for Excellent Program (ACE)
    We support each other’s endeavors.


Support Letter from Fremont County Commissioners

Support Letter from the City of Florence

Support Letter from Rocky Mountain Bank and Trust


We have a 9-member board of directors who vote on issues concerning our Center. We operate under a set of Bylaws and in accordance with our Incorporation Papers, the State Statute for non-profit organizations and our IRS 501(c)3 status.

There’s a board meeting every month where current issues are voted on.

Board Terms: Elections are held every October for board positions. Newly elected directors attend the next few board meetings to familiarize themselves with the work. At the January board meeting, they are sworn in and take their seats.

A board member may serve consecutive terms if reelected.




IMG_0650group board pic mar 2017
2017 Board of Directors
Sitting left to right: Glenda Decker, Barbara Horsman, Sally Combs

Standing left to right: Shirley Ipsen, Dean Mallory, Carma Todd, Ione Stroup, Edwin Hill, Lynda York

Chairman, Barbara Horsman

Barbara Horsman has been a member for the past 29 years. She has served on the Board for several terms and for many other organizations as well. Her vision for the Center is greater outreach into the community and growth in membership.

Vice-Chair, Sally Ann Combs

Sally Ann Combs has served as a Board member for several organizations as well as for the Center. She served as Committee Chair for several committees in 2016. Her vision for the Center is continued growth in our membership, actives and fundraisers. She would, also, like to see the Center reach out to Fremont County more.

 Secretary, Glenda Decker

Glenda Decker has been on numerous committees and planned several events during her working years. She served as Secretary on the Center’s 2016 Board of Directors. Her vision for the Center is to continue to thrive and build membership.

Treasurer, Ione Stroup

Ione Stroup has enjoyed being a volunteer for many organizations since childhood. She has served as the Center’s Treasurer for the past few years. Her vision for the Center is for the members to reflect a more positive attitude toward the Center and each other. Ione would, also, like to see members welcome new people that drop by for a visit.

 Board Member, Shirley Ipsen

Shirley Ipsen served as Chair on the 2016 Board. She has served on boards for many other organizations as well. Her vision for the Center is a lovely and inviting, beautiful building for the members and the community to come to enjoy and have fun. She feels it is imperative to maintain the integrity of the building as soon as possible.

Board Member, Carma Todd

Carma Todd served on the Leadville Board of Directors and has served several times on the Florence Board as Committee Chair. She, also, served one term as Chairman. Carma has served 24 years on the RAC Board (Region Advisory Council) for Leadville and Florence. Her vision for the Center is more outreach and involvement in our community.

Board Member, Edwin Hill

Edwin Hill has served as Building and Grounds Manager for the past few years. He knows every inch of the property, from the ground to the roof. His vision for the Center is to complete the renovation of the building and grounds. He would, also, like to see all members volunteer to their ability.

Board Member, Linda York

Linda York has served and is currently serving on a variety of boards. She has served the last two and a half years as secretary for HOA and served as a treasurer for twelve years for a Community Church. She is looking forward in helping to bring effectiveness and efficiency for the benefit of the Florence seniors.

Board Member, Dean Mallory

Dean Mallory is originally from Minnesota and presently lives in Florence. He was a professional truck driver from 1958 thru 2012. Dean currently drives for the Florence Meals on Wheels Program and drove for Canon City Meal on Wheels for 3 years. He always takes time to give the recipients a lending ear.








You can call the Florence Senior Center at 719­-784­-6493
or you can visit us at 100 Railroad Street in Florence, Colorado.

You’ll find the Center open while we’re preparing and serving meals. Those days and hours are: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30 AM to 3 PM.

If you want to join us for our Meals Program, call the Center before 9:30 AM that day to make a reservation.

The Center is also open while our many other programs listed above are in session. If you’re interested in participating, call for days and times.

For contact info for individual board members and grant writers go to our Contact Page.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

The Seniors at the Florence Senior Community Center
Florence, Colorado